Health Ranger: There’s a global revolt underway for food transparency

One of the things clean food advocates like Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, have long pushed for is transparency — from food makers, from the agricultural industry, and from government — regarding what’s in the things we put in our bodies.

And now, Adams says in a recent podcast, more and more people are demanding the same kind of transparency, turning such demands into a global revolt for clean food and food transparency.

Everywhere across the globe, consumers are demanding to know more details about what’s in their food, how it was produced and where it comes from, he says.

But standing in the way of this revolution is the corrupt, criminally-run food and agricultural industries that actively conspire to block food labeling on GMOs while continuing the use of toxic, cancer-causing chemical additives that threaten the health of consumers.

Citizen science, however, is turning the tables on the corrupt, fascist agricultural regimes, bringing independent, accurate information on food composition to consumers while bypassing the censorship of government and the sold out mainstream media, Adams notes.

Adams’ podcast is “part 4” of a longer discussion regarding what he calls “food fascism” — control over what we eat and what we are allowed to know about what we’re eating by governments, Big Food and agricultural lobbyists in Washington, D.C., and around the world.

Despite the push for secrecy, Adams maintains that citizens are “winning the fight” for food transparency. And yet, the fight is far from over.

“We are living in a time of massive global revolt,” he said, citing countries like Taiwan, Venezuela, Brazil, some European countries and even the United States — with the election of Donald J. Trump — where populist movements have taken hold and citizens are rebelling against the old globalist order. Food freedom and transparency is definitely part of that mix.

“Citizens everywhere around the world…are really starting to wake up and discover that their governments are screwing them in every way possible, that they’re living under totalitarian, corrupt, fraudulent regimes,” Adams observed.

As such, there is a huge “global wave” of revolt that is taking place all over, reflected in sectors of the economy such as the food industry. In the U.S. in particular, those who back GMOs and are against food labeling and transparency fight every day to ensure that Americans are not allowed to be fully informed when it comes to knowing what they’re eating and whether or not it’s really good or really bad for them.

“Everything is a fraud,” Adams says, especially the food industry. If we examine the fraud within it “and the cover-ups, and the criminal intent of industry and government working in conspiracy to extract profits from the very people they are hurting, that theme is everywhere in society and everywhere in the world, and people are rising up against it.”

Adams said that the year 2016 saw the beginning of a movement by people everywhere rising up against status-quo government, Big Food, politics, and finances that he believes will continue, eventually rising to a level that results in historic changes and breakthroughs in freedom and liberty.

And that will, of course, include food transparency and food freedom.

“I see a massive global debt collapse coming, after which there will be massive, systemic, global political revolt with more populist platforms taking over in many, many countries around the world,” he said.

That, of course, has already happened in the United States, and it has happened elsewhere since, including, most recently in Japan, where nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his party just won commanding majorities in the Japanese Diet (legislature).

Adams has much more to say about food transparency and what he sees coming for lovers of food freedom all over the world. Listen below or click here.

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